Kim Wilde in Odenwald

Singer Kim Wilde gave an exclusive charity concert on Sunday in Odenwald, to benefit families with physically or mentally handicapped children as well as chronically ill children. The concert was hosted by Zwerg Nase from Wiesbaden and Hit Radio FFH.

Tickets for the concert in Kirchbrombach were given out to so-called FFH Christ children. By donating anything from five euros upwards, listeners could become a Christ child. A lot of children gave small amounts for the action, a lot of them donating their pocket money to benefit the cause.

In Kirchbrombach Kim Wilde played her pop hits as well as well-known christmas songs like ‘Silent night’ and ‘Rocking around the christmas tree’.

The singer was born in 1960 in London and is well know by hits that are still wellknown now: ‘Kids in America’ (1981), ‘Cambodia’ (1981) and ‘Perfect girl’ (2006). Kim Wilde is involved with children and spends some of her time to benefit the ill and weak. She always performs gladly during charity auctions and offers her help out of her personal involvement.

At the end she gave out the 3600 euro check to Erhard Stahl, president of Zwerg Nase. She showed the importance of these charity events and the work for mentally and physically handicapped children as well as the fight by the parents to be acknowledged and helped. They thanked the many contributors and the radio station for this action.

Hit-Radio FFH wants to host a charity event on the third advent Sunday. For more information visit