Kim Wilde: Never never

The popstar from the eighties wanted to retire into her garden when the success faded away. And in her garden the woman made another career. “I have won a few awards for my garden design”, one of them is a bit like the Oscar for garden design”, says Kim Wilde not without pride. “But then came the thing with Nena and our single, and producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen didn’t leave me alone after that until he got me to do more”. The 45 year old blondine, born as Kim Smith in London, briefly explains the reason for her return.
Convincing were also the young musicians who said they were Kim Wilde fans, such as the ex-Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, who named one of the songs on her debut solo album “Kim Wilde”. “Charlotte is a great musician and singer”, says Kim. “It was obvious to invite her as guitarist and co-singer.” The pop classic “Kids…” is not the only new version on Kim’s album Never say Never – a meaningful title. “View from a bridge”, “You came”, “You keep me hanging on” – in duet with Nena -, “Cambodia” are further hits, that are there between some new Wilde-songs.