Kim Wilde: Never say never

Hello dear reader,

This small message appears here because I feel I need to write it. I had to wait 10 years for today, when a new longplayer is released from Kim. Never Say Never is called the new album, it was produced by nobody less than Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, who previously participated as keyboarder and songwriter in the legendary NENA band. He produced the grandiose album ‘Nena Feat Nena’ three years ago. At that time it came to a contact between Nena and Kim Wilde, who recorded a duet called ‘Anytime, anyplace, anywhere’. By this success Kim Wilde regained a tast for making new music, and Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen convinced her to do the concept of Never Say Never. 14 tracks are to be found on the album, from which the real Kim Wilde fan already knows 6 titles from the old times. You Came, Four Letter Word, both original on the album Close, You Keep Me hangin’ on [feat. Nena] from the album Another step, as well as the tracks Kids in America [feat. Charlotte Hatherley] and View from a bridge from first album “Kim Wilde” and last but not least the classic from the early 80’s Cambodia from the second album of Kim ‘Select’ were newly mixed, and sound unbelievably fresh. Personally I am most pleased with Kids in America and also the new version of View from A bridge. Whereby the new duet with Nena is surely the largest chance after one charter-follow, and this piece as single CD is released is as safe as the Amen in the church.

About the new songs, as rocking as this album comes, I always wished Kim Wilde to be this way. Sometimes dreams come into fulfilment. Songs such as Perfect Girl, Game Over, i Fly show the Kim Wilde as the rock chick as she gladly admits to be. She proved it best, by the way, during the 94 tour when she played the classic Iggy Pop song Real Wild Child.

No Kim Wilde album without the family. That was always like that. Up to the last album 1996 “Now and forever” were the father of Kim, Marty Wilde, Kims brother Ricky and herself the songwriter and brother Ricky the producer. This time like already mentioned Nena producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen swung the scepter. And this time the brother has worked with him. In seven of the new songtitles he is involved as songwriter. With three of the songs Kim’s “little” sister Roxanne, 28 years old, appears as background singer. And this young lady also has the singing in the blood, having already proved so with DT8 and the group Dimestars.

Result: Kim Wilde doesn’t disappoint with the new album, she shows all the facets which one has wished to have seen earlier on. The rock chick is back. And with a bang. The album is from EMI and comes once as completely normal CD and once as Deluxe edition an inclusive DVD with videos to You Came 2006 and further bonus material.