Kim Wilde slams 'deluded' Elton

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PR inside (UK)

Eighties singer Kim Wilde has hit out at Sir Elton John - calling the veteran performer "deluded" and "self-indulgent".
'Kids in America' star Wilde believes John has spent so long living the life of a superstar that he's now separated himself from reality.
She says, "He's deluded. The man has always been deluded. He's lived a very unreal life for so many, many years, with so much excess that he's lost touch with some realities of life. He's become a self-indulgent person. He should refer all his criticism to himself. I won't abide tantrums in my children and I can't bear them in an adult. It's disgusting." However, Wilde does like John's most recent album 'The captain and the kid'.
She adds, "I've heard his new album and there are some really nice songs on it."