Kim Wilde strides into the 2000s

The British eighties icon Kim Wilde is back, and on Saturday she comes to Sweden for a showcase. Metro wanted to know what she did.

‘I got married in 1996 and I had two children. I wanted to get involved in creating a garden. I made gardening programmes for TV, wrote a few books about gardening and participated in flower shows’, says Kim Wilde, whose new career is going very well.

Her comeback is mainly because of Nena, another eighties icon, who wanted Kim to sing on her new disc a couple of years ago. Kim Wilde agreed to do so and so she returned from her pop retirement to appear in Top of the Pops and MTV again.
‘I enjoyed it more than I thought. And so I’m doing this job again.’
She says that she is more independent now.
´Back then it was almost like a family company, working with my parents and my brother. Now I feel like an adult myself.´

Also experiences with the music industry have made things easier: ‘It’s like stepping on a bicycle again. Nothing is more important than my family – but that doesn’t mean I have to be a slave of my family.

Kim Wilde was something of a pioneer in the male dominated music industry, and she knows it.
‘Yes, that was one of the reasons why I started writing songs myself and
get creatively involved, in order to avoid being just the picture on the
sleeve. I didn’t want to just hand it all over to a bunch of blokes.’