Kim Wilde: The pop queen exchanged the garden for the stage again

After ten years as a landscape gardener the Eighties icon celebrates a huge comeback.

Kim Wilde (46) called her new album ‘Never say never’. Because after ten years of absence from the stage the Eighties pop queen (‘Kids in America’) is back.

The blonde singer with the unmistakable, slightly nasal voice exchanged the watering can, rake and wheelbarrow for the microphone again. And what only few know: Kim Wilde in her native British country Kim Wilde had a second career as a gardening expert. The daughter of rock ‘n’ roll legend Marty Wilde had enough of the glamorous life. She went looking for other values, and love: “I wanted to be with someone with whom I could start a family.” She had affairs with Julian Lennon and “Simply Red” frontman Mick Hucknall. Even King Albert from Monaco, who was a Prince back then ,wanted a rendez-vous with the “Brigitte Bardot of pop”, as the French call her.

Kim went through some depressions. And just when she didn’t believe it could happen anymore, the met her Prince Charming. In the musical ‘Tommy’, where Kim had one of the starring roles, she fell in love with her colleague Hal Fowler, seven years her junior.

After the wedding in September 1996 Kim had son Harry Tristan (8) and daughter Rose Elizabeth (6). While pregnant with her first child she rekindled with her childhood passion: gardening. In an attempt to improve on the garden behind her home, she followed a course in horticulture. “Being out there and seeing plants grow is almost therapeutic. It has really helped me. Most of all with my PMS, which I had after the birth of my children”, said Kim, who found new jobs writing gardening columns and presenting gardening shows like “Better gardens” for the BBC.

But now Kim Wilde is back on stage. “After having done gardening for some time I got the feeling that I still have some energy left for the music. It has become once again my passio”. Many of her fans are excited. And Kim has lost nothing of her power.