Kim Wilde topples first domino stone

Singer Kim Wilde will start the new attempt at the world record of toppling domino stones on Friday November 17. The 46 year old English woman will push the first of over four million stones in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden.

That was announced by Paul Weijer, the organiser of the 10th Domino Day.

Domino Day has grown into an international circus in which big number run riot. The falling of the 4,4 million stones will be viewed in dozens of European countries by eighty to ninety million people.


Six hundred securities within the domino fields have to prevent the stones from falling earlier than they are supposed to. The London company that has insured the project, will have to pay millions of euros if that happens.

Almost four hundred television people need 1800 km. of cable to register the world record attempt. “In all of Hilversum there in’t a meter of cable available anymore”, according to producer Willem Bol from Endemol.


The theme this year is music. The falling domino stones show nine different kinds of music, from classic to disco and from rap to hippie.

During the time the ‘theme fields’ are falling eight domino builders have to do little competitions. Four duo’s have to place the last few stones on Friday night. The two best builders have to place 120 stones within two minutes.

World record

If that doesn’t work, 400.000 cannot fall and the attempt fails. The first stone for Domino Day 2006 will be hit around 9pm. Over two hours later a new world record will have to be set.