Laurent Voulzy: he has found his youth love again!

Here’s a fulfilled man! Since two months Laurent sits on the top of the hitparade with his hit ‘Quand vient la fin de l’été’, an extract from his latest album ‘Septième vague’ (Sony).

At home, things are going great as well. His two sons, Julien, 28 years, and Nicolas, 31 years, fly free on their own wings, and in all peace and quiet he looks after his youngest son, Quentin, aged four.

And his love life? One could say that the great romance is in a nirvana. With his partner Mirella, the mother of Quentin, the sun is shining, even if they don’t see it every day. Effectively, Mirella and Quentin live in England, while Laurent is writing and recording in the studio that is housed in Joinville-le-Pont, in the region of Paris. It’s the best occasion whether his ‘Paradoxale system’ functions. ‘The further away I am, the more I love you’, he sang in this song. The thing that is not mentioned in the song, is that he travels to them every time to be rejoined with the woman of his life and their lovely son.

And, like all good things that come in pairs, fate is also rejoining him with another cherished person, one that has inspired him to write one of his greatest songs. The fate that rejoins them is called Michel Drucker. The presenter, who recorded an episode of ‘Vivement Dimanche’ devoted entirely to Laurent Voulzy, decided to use the occasion to invite his youth love for the occasion.

On September 26, during the recording of the programme that is broadcast on October 1, Laurent will see her once again after twenty years. Since then, surely, he has found sleep, but ‘Les nuits sans Kim Wilde’ is on the prize list of the songs that marked the decade. With, one will remember, the soft and sensual voice of Kim at the end of the song: ‘Enlève tes lunettes… play the game, Laurent’.
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since this declaration, the both artists haven’t changed. Laurent has taken care of his glasses, and his eternal adolescence.
As for Kim, the sexy star from the eighties hasn’t lost her charms, quite the contrary. She is a woman even more beautiful and radiant than ever, who has a comeback with her album ‘Never say never’, released on September 18 after ten years of pause… but not rest! In fact, she married Hal Fowler, and had two children, Harry, 8 years, and Rose, 6 years, and she has devoted herself to gardening, her other passion besides music.

Like one could imagine, Laurent is in heaven to see his idol again, whereas Kim really is pleased to meet her ‘Frenchy’ which she was so charmed by in 1986. She already commented in L’Hebdo on the internet: ‘I will meet Laurent, the only artist whom I want to give the album, in a few weeks, in Paris. I believe that he really liked me.’
Will they be singing a live duet when they see one another again? One thing is for sure: it will be ‘vivement dimanche’.