Never say Never, Kim Wilde

A decade ago, Kim Wilde, real name Kim Smith, announced that she would stop her singing career to start a new one as a horticulturist. Writing about gardening, she published two books and also successfully transplanted the largest tree, which landed her in the Guinness Book of Records with her colleague Dave Fountain.

But you should know that the “Brigitte Bardot of rock’n’roll” interpreted unforgettable planetary hits which were ‘Cambodia’ and ‘Chequered Love’ in 1981, but also ‘Kids In America’, ‘View From A Bridge’, ‘Love Blonde’ in 1982, then the reprise of supreme ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ in 1986, and never really forgot her passion for music.

In 2003 she recorded the duet Anyplace, anywhere, anytime with the German singer Nena, then she gave regular concerts, and announced her imminent return on the front of the scene.

It will finally be a fact on September 18 with the album Never say never, which will contain the majority of its hits, re-recorded with a sound color resolutely more rock’n’roll, produced by Nena.

The disc will also contain a good share of new songs, close to the pop perfection, with parts which could even exceed her hits from the 80’s. I think in particular of the song ‘I Fly’, which furiously points out ‘Song 2’ by Blur, or ‘Forgive Me’, future hit of the clubs which does not have anything to envy the best titles of Madonna.

After all that, CitéGay will speak again very soon, at the time of an interview with Kim. Stay attentive!

Never Say Never leaves the vats on September 25, but while waiting concentrates on the first single extracted from the project, which is the 2006 version of “You Came”, the hit which propelled her as special guest star of the concerts of David Bowie and Michael Jackson themselves!