“Never say never”

At the end of the 90’s everything had really ended. Kim Wilde (45) got married, had two children and turned to gardening. But then came Nena (46). Now the 80’s are suddenly hip again, Nena had her biggest success. But Kim is also there, singing “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime” as a duet with her. A hit! Kim Wilde is back again and releases her LP “Never say never”. Rundschau talked to Kim Wilde.

Were you really finished with your music career?
Yes. That’s why I named the album like this. Ten years ago, I quit – eventhough I was in it for so long. I got bored, wanted to have children and know that my life still had a lot to offer. The pause was very refreshing.

And then Nena opened the door.
It was a mix of working with her and the 80’s comeback tours in the UK and Australia with Human League and ABC. I really enjoyed myself again, on stage. And I really liked singing “Kids in America” again.

The 80’s are in fashion again. A lot of bands are riding the wave, like the Killers…
…or the Scissor Sisters.

Does it help?
I’m not really surprised about this development, because the 80’s were an exciting time and so many great bands started then. In the 80’s beautiful soundscapes were made and it is great to hear it back on current albums. It’s good to see the positive things about the 80’s coming back – it was great pop music.

Don’t you fear, at 45, that you don’t have anything to say to young people anymore?
No, I don’t fear that. When I started writing for the new album, there were so many things to write about. A lot of people still buy my old albums.

But the record industry is selling a lot less albums. What has changed in the music industry since the 80’s?
The technology has changed unbelievably. I made a video that was available only on the internet. There is no Top of the Pops anymore. Everything has changed. But one thing hasn’t: there are a lot of people who stick their passion into music.

With the internet your music reaches a lot more people…
That is just great. The way people make music has changed as well, though. In the 80’s we had to go to expensive recording studios. Now everyone can write songs in their bedrooms and record them there too. The recording process is no longer an expensive one. We just had a lot of luck in the early eighties.