Nothing stops me anymore…

She had decided to turn the page on a phenomenal career. 11 years, 2 children and 1 world record later, the “Bardot of rock” returns, happiness in premium.

Adulated by a whole generation, you decided at the beginning of the Nineties to give up everything and to install yourself in the countryside. Mind games or a cry of distress?
When I did the tour with Michael Jackson, I realized that success could bring one to only one destination: that of a solitary existance cut off from the world. It was not for me. I said to myself: ‘What good is it to put all this energy in a career, if is to finish like that?’ Then I started to reflect. The decision to leave my career was very hard on a personal level, that took me several years. I felt like a damaged record, I needed another thing. Then I decided, as a transition, to play in a musical, Tommy. I said to myself ‘here’s something that I can do’ and something that would allow me to do something stable for a while.

At the same time, you met the man of your life, your husband Hal?
Yes, at 36 years! You realize? I did not believe in it any more. We become engaged in France, in the glamorous city of Calais, around a pie plate! It was three months after our meeting and completely impromptu. I remember to have made it tower of the city to find a jeweller. Among sapphires, diamonds, the emeralds, there were also two simple rings all which cost three pennies and which resembled rings of pirns of Coke. It was so funny which we chose them.

Your union led to the birth of two children Harry (8 years) and Rose (6 years) which became your absolute priority. Would you let them become pop stars?
Yes, without a problem… since they do not want to engage in the army! I learn how to them to wake up their artistic sensitivity. Harry plays of the guitar and wants to assemble a group, as for Rose, she listens to Kylie. Children who listen to Kylie will never be soldiers! It is for them I launched out in the gardening at the beginning: I wanted to draw a garden to them which is an enchanted place, where they can grow, to open out, to be inspired.

Thinking of escaping to the celebrity, you turn over to the university to learn botany there… and you forge yourselves in 5 years an international reputation in this field. You even hold the world record for the transplantation of the largest tree!
I have the conviction that the more one takes risks in life, the more one is likely to make a success of something. Many people prevent themselves from dreaming, whereas as soon as one starts to imagine things a priori unattainable, they come to us.

How do you explain your long history of love with the French public?
That also formed part of the magic things of the life. I have just met Laurent Voulzy again, who had written ‘Les nights sans Kim Wilde’. It was one really single moment, we sang together for a television programme… I really had to fight to concentrate, I felt so much emotions. Important events of my life arrived to France, I will perhaps die there!

To what do we owe this unexpected return?
Above all the public. It’s heartwarming to know that you counted for people, even if, at one time, I could doubt it. I feel stronger. And then, when somebody believes so much in you and repeats you that you are formidable, you can only be it! It is also as that which I educate my children.