Sandra and Kim Wilde – big comeback

[Translated for by Jerzy Kozowski]

They performed on Saturday in the Old Square in Plock, they conquered the hearts of their audience and announced their big comeback to the international musical scene.

Sandra and Kim Wilde – the stars of the 80’s and the stars of the Chemist’s Day and History of Plock Days – spent the whole day on Saturday in Plock. Even during the rehearsals they attracted a large crowd of fans from all around Poland. The most diligent autograph-hunters stormed the afternoon press conference with the two artists. Journalists, representatives of musical websites and fanclubs came from all parts of Poland. They got what they’d been waiting for – a promise of new albums. There is no question about it as the recordings are ready now. Kim Wilde’s album will be released at the end of the summer and Sandra’s album this autumn. There will also be a new Enigma project, which will obviously feature Sandra.

“It was because of Polish fans that I decided to record a new album. I get a lot of mails from them,” said Sandra. It will be a special album for her because she wrote the music and the lyrics herself. “Writing gives me a lot of joy, so perhaps songs will be just the beginning,” she added.

Kim Wilde was spurred by the German singer Nena. In 2003 they recorded together their big hit “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime”.

“It’s interesting. Nena’s comeback was a success. So there is a chance I will succeed, too. You’ll be the judges of it. It will be fascinating to watch the reaction of the audience. Many people will probably say: ooooh, she’s still alive?! If the audience doesn’t like me, tough! I have a fantastic life, nothing will change that,” said Kim Wilde.

She is not going to create a new image. “It will be the same Kim Wilde, but transferred to the 21st century reality. Fresh sound.”

The album will include the cover “Born to be wild”. Its promotion will begin any moment now. What were they doing when they were absent? They focused on their families, children. That changes them most. Kim Wilde’s eight-year-old son loves hard rock and heavy metal. Together they listen to the music of such bands as Metallica or Green Day. But when she’s alone Kim Wilde prefers Pussy Cat Dolls. And that surprising combination can be heard in the arrangement of her oldest hits. They are much rockier, but also sexier, just like Pussy Cat Dolls.