She is back: Kim Wilde!

Just the mention of her name is enough to bring stars in the eyes. The blonde singer with the beautiful voice is one of the most impressive icons in popmusic. She owns the record of the best selling British solo singer of all times for a long time now. For the French she is the “Brigitte Bardot of Rock” and by her German fans she is still revered as the most exciting glamourgirl of the eighties, whose megahits like “Kids in America” and “Cambodia” are always euphoric dance floor fillers.

The countdown to one of the most spectacular comebacks of the year has started: Kim Wilde is back. Exactly 25 years since her sensational hit debut “Kids in America” the beloved pop singer presents her new studiowork: “Never say never” (Released September 8) is her first album since more than ten years. In the mean time Kim Wilde has married and is now a mother of two. After she was on tour a couple of times during the last few years, she has now caught show fever again. The chart success of her duet with Nena in “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime” (Top 3 single in Germany) was decisive. She has regained the lust to sing and to stand in the limelight.

Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, producer of Nena, has taken care for the artistic reactivation of the blonde wilde one. The introduction was “You came”, her top hit from the year 1988, present here in a very rocky version. This new version can compete with songs by Kelly Clarkson and Pink. The direction of the new high class video of “You came” was taken care of by Phil Griffin, who already worked with acts like Sugababes, Duncan James and Basement Jaxx.

The album furthermore presents five brilliant new versions of her evergreens (including a duet with Nena in “You keep me hangin’ on”) and 8 brand new songs, demonstrating that kim Wilde has not lost any of her class, richness and uniqueness. The media approval confirms the fact. The first feedback is impressive and show without a doubt that Kim Wilde is one of the most beloved singers in the pop business.

Welcome back, Kim!