Transcript of the Bluewin online chat

We welcome Kim Wilde in the Bluewin chat. Welcome to the Bluewin chat, Kim!

Fiona_zh36: How do you like being in Switzerland?
I’ve been in Switzerland many times, to Montreux, popfestivals. I was here in 88 with Michael Jackson and 3 years ago with Nena, so I always had a good response from the Swiss audience, so it’s good to be back.

Kate_from_Poland: Hello Kim!!! My God I’m so happy that I can talk to you! I love Perfect Girl, Game Over, and Forgive Me!. Who wrote the all songs from “NSN”?
Those 3 songs all have 1 person in common, that’s Uwe Fahrenkrog Peterson, Perfect was written with my brother Ricky, another pop master, as well as Game Over… and Forgive me is a song that I wrote with Uwe. Another writer called Steve Duberry wrote Game Over. I’m glad you love all the songs. Let’s hope everyone feels the same way. 🙂

Sissy: You’re an experienced “veteran” of the music business. What advice would you give to young artists who try to start out in the business? Are there any pitfalls they need to be specially aware of?
Try to surround yourself with people you can trust, enjoy some rock’n’roll behaviour, but keep away from the drugs.

Anna: Where can we hear you live in Germany once again and do you still sing some things from back in the 80s?
Next spring… visit for more information.

Ralfo: Have fame and fortune changed your personality?
Perhaps to some degree, but I still have the same friends from school and they would say it hasn’t changed me at all 🙂

Duck: What’s your favourite song from Never say never?
At the moment, it’s a song called “I fly” which I hope will be coming out as a single at some point.

Matt1: Do you still own/keep the synths you used in the 80s?
Ricky still has the JP8, but sadly not the “wasp” where he wrote “Kids in America” in his bedroom (next to bedroom) [on].

Kate_from_Poland: How about your family, Harry, Rose and Hal? Are they happy that you [have] recorded an album again?
Yes my husband loves that he’s married to a rock chick which is quite new for him as I’ve been a gardener for the last 10 years 😉
Rose wants to be a rockstar when she grows up and Harry wants to be the next Slash.

Sonia1: Can we hope one day an official live dvd? Because it’s all fans want?
Never say “never” 🙂

*****: You’re 45 now. Is the process of ageing more difficult for women who used to be (and still are) a sex symbol? Or is that an oversimplistic generalization?
I’m enjoying the aging process, I like what it has done to my brain. Although I could live without some of those wrinkles, or as my husband calls them “smile lines” 😉

Milvan: If I were to come to your house and sift through your cd collection, while you were cooking dinner in the kitchen: what kind of music would I find in there? 🙂
You’d find lots of Todd Rundgren albums, Rufus Wainwright, Ashanti, Metallica…

Dario_zh: Congratulations Kim you look good. What does music mean to you?
Music was my first love 🙂 and it might be my last… music of the future, and music from the past… to live without my music, would be impossible to do, but in this world of trouble, my music pulls me through

Matt1: Why did it take you so long to have your own website? There has never been an official homepage of yours.
There was an official “unofficial” homepage, runned by Marcel Rijs… which has every single detail of my life for everyone who’s interested… It would be great for my children one day or my children’s children…

Mambo_nr5: You have undoubtedly earned a lot of money during your long musical career. How do you use the money? Just for yourself or do you also support charitable organisations?
Yes, I’ve done very well, selling around 10 million albums. The charity work that I do is private.

Sonia1: Do you still work with your same band? What’s about your guitar-player Steve Byrd? Can we hope he returns on stage with you?
Only my brother Ricky who will be playing live with me on our future concerts. Steve has a successful writing career and we met last year after an 80’s concert.

CDIOR-M_20: Kim Wilde, I heard that you are working with Majorboys. How you liked them? Do you like housemusic?
It’s a sample from 25 years ago, I haven’t heard it yet… Is it any good? 😉

Kim_fan: Kim, what must a man do to conquer your heart?
It’s too late, I’ve been well and truly conquered 🙂 You made me laugh.

Duck: Are you ever gonna sing a duet with Hal?
Very likely for the next album.

Bender: Hoi Kim Wilde: you look great. How can I get a signed card?
Kim will leave a few cards here for you to get in Bluewintower. 🙂

Ritta: How was your collaboration with Nena?
Well, it was a great surprise to have such a big hit out of the blue and has been the catalyst for “Never say never”. It was interesting working with her and gave me an idea of how it would be to be a middle age popstar. If I do it half as good as her, I would be happy. 🙂

Nicky: Musically you grew up in the 70s. What musicians of that time have influenced your work?
In the 70’s I wanted to be Agnetha from ABBA. I wanted to sing like Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan, and write songs like Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder.

Daria_zh: Congratulations Kim you look good. You are from England. Do you like football, and if yes, which team?
I’m only interested in World Cup Football like most women.

Moderator: OK, last question: What are your plans for the future?
Future plans: there’s a lot of promotion all over Europe and depending on success of the project and my future plans, I’m hoping for another success with the album “Never say never” and anything else that comes my way.

Thank you very much for joining us in the Bluewin Chat! It’s been an honour. Thanks to the chat community for all the questions and sorry if you could not get through 🙁
Thank you for getting in touch, hope you enjoy Kim Wilde in the 21st century 🙂