30 seconds with Kim Wilde

In the 80s, Kim was a kid, 46 (‘Kids in America’), one of the biggest pop stars. In the 90s hardly anyone wanted to hear about her – so she made her hobby gardening a second profession. With Nena and a single single (‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’) there was then a surprise comeback in 2003. Now the mother of two children – Harry, 9, and Rose, 7 – is on tour in Germany.

Why did you become a gardener?
I just wanted to learn something new again. In my entire Popcarreer, I have not learned anything – except how to make a perfect pout. Gardening was an instinctive reflection on nature. Perhaps it is also because I became a mother.

Her friend Nena has just set up her own school …
For my children, I can not imagine that, but generally I find it a great thing, which Nena has founded. She is such a great, fun and very complex person.

Her father Marty was rock-n-roll star, her husband Hal is musicalsänger – and your children?
Make music, of course! Rose likes to sing with me duet, Harry plays rock guitar and has just founded a band: The Reapers. They meet every Sunday afternoon.