Crazy about the old stuff

For a young band, it would be a great success, to perform in the “Pier 15” – the small fine Puro Beach Club next to Dresden. In the case of Kim Wilde, it’s a shock. Her concert on Saturday was played before about 350 paying fans. In the ’80s, as the Englishwoman toured with Michael Jackson through Europe stadiums, this would have been the mass that stood in front of the portable loos at exit times.

Apron instead of miniskirt

At that time, Kim Wilde sang with the superstar as “Bardot of Pop” with her blonde hair wild, sexy pout, with funky new-wave world hits like “Kids in America”. To date, she is the most successful British female singer of all times. Ten years ago, she exchanged the mini skirt with an apron and was devoted to landscaping – including her own TV show.

It is surprising that the 46-year-old after a long break is again touring the country. In 2006, she released her new album, “Never say never”, catchy pop. However, visitors to the concert lusted after “the old stuff” – as the singer announced the hit “View from the bridge” with a wink. The crowd, mostly late thirties, rocked and bounced with the beat apparently seamlessy adding to the parties of their youth.

Kim Wilde, now type Vollweib blessed with a platinum blond mane and blessed with a youthful face swirled between her musicians to newly revamped 80’s hits like “You Came”. After stricter stage gymnastics, she was sometimes audibly under her breath. Her voice was initially a bit brittle. Maybe it was because the singer had to visit a Dresden hospital before the gig because of a tick bite.

Kim also appeared alongside her brother, guitarist and songwriter Ricky Wilde and her younger sister Roxy who can sing  too. So it was a family concert in every way, an exuberant revival of the wild 80s in a small club in Dresden. Kim Wilde is touring for a few days. Then she goes back home to her husband and children, tending to her apple trees.