Desire for a good live performance

In the eighties she belonged to the biggest names in the pop business: Kim Wilde. Hits like “Kids in America” and “You Keep Me Hangin ‘ on” stormed the hitparades. After a long break she is back and presents herself live on 12 November in the Osnabrücker Stadthalle. In the interview with our newspaper Kim Wilde reports on her activities as a mother, garden designer and her changed appearance as a singer.

For a long time one heard nothing of you. Why did you turn your back on showbusiness?
I simply wanted to do something else. I started my career at 20 and continued in such a way as a singer, until I was 36. Then it became time for new challenges. So I applied for a role in the musical “Tommy”. The decision changed my life.

What happened?
I met my husband. He played in the musical as cousin Kevin. I got the role of mrs Walker Hobbs. Then everything went very fast. We married and had children.

What did you actually do before your Revival as a singer?
First I took care of my family, then an old passion was aroused within me: the fascination for nature. I studied garden design at college and then also practiced – also with acquaintances and in public places such as hospitals and schools. Finally I wrote also for newspapers about garden design and made TV programmes about the subject.

Now you appear again as a singer. Were there special reasons for this decision?
When I had recorded the single “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” with Nena in 2003, which became a large hit, so much people asked me when I would be playing live again. In addition the Eighties Revival came, in addition my children are now a little older, and I have risen up to the desire.

What will you offer to the public in the Osnabrücker Stadthalle?
The people get a real rock ‘n’ roll gig presented to them. There is a serious difference to former times: at that time it was more important to record videos and to make records and to look good on television. Now I want to play with a good band and to really rock oiut. We will play a kind of Best Of Kim Wilde program, with some new songs and a few interesting cover songs.