Family flight into the past

They performed live in Hamburg: the entertainment veteran Lionel Richie and the new wave rock pinup girl Kim Wilde are ensured of the faithfulness of their fans.

‘Where are they now?’ is always a popular article series. And if it didn’t already exist, it should have been invented for Kim Wilde. To remember: Kim Wilde is the daughter of British popstar Marty Wilde, who really is called Reginald Leonard Smith, and she had hits in the early eighties with ‘Kids in America’ and ‘Cambodia’.

She as the first wet dream of the male ‘Bravo’ readers born between 1967 and 1975 and so robbed a lot of innocence: her ‘Chequered Love’ gave us an idea that there was more than Hubert Kah and Shakin’ Stevens’, remembered a visitor of her concert on Tuesday evening in the Großen Freiheit 36 with feverish nostalgia view. So what really makes Kim Wilde, now a mother of 46? Now, if it goes toward 21 o’clock, then she squeezes herself at present into Latexware with ‘Wilde’ – and ‘Iron Maiden’ applications in glitter and sings.

Not at all times badly, as we were allowed to see on the occasion of her about fifth comeback. Nearly more interesting is however, what she did in the meantime: she presented gardening programmes on the British television and wrote books. Also Wilde’s current tour is a family trip. The small sister sings background, the brother plays guitar. On the hits, which he and their dad had written for Kim, is relying. Two tasteful coverversions from the bands Depeche Mode and Snow Patrol are interspersed and steer with all strength off from the songs of a current album, which Wilde “even would not have believed that I would make it”. This repertoire wants to be discussed – it acts often over out of better songs zusammengeklaute meter goods, one could let which go through straight still than port birthday acoustic irradiation, at eight o’clock, with eight degrees with eight beers intus. Of course she also sings the NDW hit “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere”, successfully exhumed with Nena in 2003.
We notice that the line ‘Wir fahr’n auf Feuerrädern Richtung Zukunft durch die Nacht’ is missing as much as the absence of Nena.

We enjoy still fast the encore “Kids in America” like a coincidental meeting with an old schoolmate, and the wild Hilde swings a last leather hip, in an evening enjoyed as much by the performer as the audience.
“The most beautiful thing about being on tour again”, says Kim Wilde, “is hearing so much great music in the tourbus”. We quote that as is.