Fitness-fan on the party stage: The British pop singer Kim Wilde sings tonight at the BZ-Sport-Gala in the Stadthalle

The fans of Kim Wilde can get excited: the British popsinger has announced in an interview with this newspaper that she will sing her most famous hits tonight at the BZ-Sport-Gala in the Stadthalle.

Kim Wilde is together with the band Texas Lightning the musical highlight of the sportive event tonight. The happening in which the most popular sporters are celebrates, is sold out with 3500 visitors.

The British woman, wearing in a long black dress, comments that she is not too big a sports fan herself in the Mercure Atrium hotel. But still: “I go to the fitness studio three times a week”. And for skiing she always goes to the Austrian St. Anton.

The mother of children of 7 and 9 years old, named Harry and Rose, had a dozen of number one hits worldwide, amongst which ‘Kids in America’ and ‘Cambodia’, ‘You came’ and ‘View from a bridge’. Three years ago she sang in Braunschweig for the first time, also in the Stadthalle, during the Feldschlossen Party.

When asked about the secret of her enduring success (since 1981) she laughs: ‘The songs are simply good enough’. And why is the new album called ‘Never say never’, just like the James Bond movie? The answer of the blonde popsinger, who is also an awarded horticulturalist: ‘Because I took some time out because of my kids’.

Kim Wilde came from Berlin yesterday, where she also had a live show. Her next gigs take place in Luxemburg and the Netherlands. The performance of the most successful British female popsinger takes place at 23.15 tonight during the BZ-Sport-Gala. It will last for about an hour.