For real gardening starters

Like to take on the garden, but no idea where to start? With the book ‘Tuinieren!’ [(‘Gardening!’, Dutch translation of ‘The first-time gardener’ – ed.) by Kim Wilde you learn how to make the garden of your dreams from scratch. The book is ideal for real gardening starters. All the questions about creating a dream garden are answered: from the best design of the garden space and the essences of style and colour to all kinds of gardening jobs and the most ideal plants. Everything through simple pointers in steps. On top of that Kim Wilde reveals all the design tricks you need to know. In ‘Tuinieren!’ Kim Wilde also tells about the experiences she had while growing from amateur gardener to Chelsea Gold Medal-winner.
Pop singer Kim Wilde only started some ten years ago with gardening. Or, like she writes in her foreword: ‘Gardening for me began as a therapy, a way to restore myself from a hectic schedule of travelling and performing. (…) Now, as a busy working parent, my garden has never been so essential.’

Tuinieren! – Kim Wilde, 224 pages, price 19,95 euro.
Kosmos-Z&K, ISBN 978 90 215 0823 8.