Full throttle for nostalgics

80s icon Kim Wilde gave fans a real pop party in the Elserhalle

Is that going to be the big comeback or is it just trying? This question does not arise for the enthusiastic fans in the full Elserhalle. Because firstly, Kim Wilde was never gone for them, and secondly, she is cult anyway.
Anyone who has seen how the post goes off at the concert of the 47-year-old 80s icon today can understand these points of view well. Nevertheless, Kim Wilde remains an anachronism and can therefore only score points for nostalgics. But she takes the public joker – and that is enough for a brisk party.
She looks smart. A bit rounder than before, but that is her right. The black leather pants still fit, and Kim Wilde really goes full throttle. Hang in there, want to sell their songs from the new album “Never Say Never” as expensive as possible.
Her singing art remains manageable; but it is probably this very specific tone between girlie, wave and pop rock steam that fans expect and that will get them freaking out. So great mood from start to finish.
It is probably due to the zeitgeist that the synthesizers have now become secondary, that the guitars are now clearly ahead. And this revitalizing cure also gets old hits like “Cambodia” and “Kids In America”, but especially the age-old classic “You Keep Me Hanging On”. Someone really did his homework.
And so we treat fans to both the cult and the party, and simply put the question of whether the comeback was successful or not. Because in music business in particular, nothing is impossible.