Harry, Wilde and DeLange colour Bospop blonde

Three female singers coloured Bospop in Weert blonde this year. Debbie Harry (62), Kim Wilde (46) and Ilse DeLange (30) – thirty years between the oldest and the youngest and therefore one pop generation – covered four decades of pop music.

The blonde divas were programmed one after the other and that meant three hours of wonderful nostalgia and homegrown contemporary quality.
With Ilse DeLange it’s always a mystery how such a frail body can hold such a strong voice. Her rock repertoire was almost too good for the flat landscape of the Netherlands and has a certain American allure. She can stand the comparison with every international standard and even if the USA isn’t waiting for her, DeLange is still unique in Dutch pop.
Debbie Harry, actress and jazz vocalist on occasion, and Kim Wilde draw from their impressive hit repertoire, that almost covers four decades. Harry still looked like the vamp with the erotically arrogant radiance that made her the first naughty fantasy of every boy – even if she is heading for the retirement age. Although the sound quality wasn’t always so good (commented upon by Harry in a great bitchy way), the new wave with fat disco elements sounded appealing in ‘Atomic’, ‘Call me’, ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Denise’.
Kim Wilde – by now a universally acclaimed garden designer – still is the shy singer from a rich background, who can effortlessly join in a high tea. Her poppy-punky work got a good rock basis like in ‘View from a bridge’, ‘Chequered love’ and of course the arousing ‘Kids in America’, the soundtrack of a generation. Her energetic jumping and dancing from the glory days was replaced now by a civilised kind of aerobics, but Kim can still sing.
Bospop, featuring John Fogerty, Joe Cocker, The Wahterboys, The Scene, Blof and Paul Rodgers in its great programme, had 20.000 visitors this edition.