Höxter: Kim Wilde visits hereditary prince

Before the big appearance in Hoexter the rock star has done some efficient shopping.

Höxter. A world star completely privately. Without make-up an without pressure the British rocklady Kim Wilde (46) showed up yesterday for a visit at the Corvey Castle.

In a genuinely anglo-saxon colour combination with green leather jacket and red sport shoes, Kim Wilde was guided through the extensive park by Viktor Prince of Ratibor and Corvey personally. Two garden friends amongst themselves.
“We also live in the country and have a half hectare country, where I can live out my gardening completely”, says the rock singer, who became an overnight rockstar in 1981 with “Kids in America”. In 1996 she suddenly withdrew herself from the stage and finally moderated a successful gardening series on English television for a couple of years.
“It’s a real fantastic park here in Corvey. I especially love nature in the autumn, nothing much really grows anymore, but when the trees lose their leaves, then one sees the structures for real”, the garden friend swoons. She still advises friends and acquaintance occasionally during the garden design.

“I am however back on stage and happy to do so, I have noticed that I can’t live without the music”, she says. Kim Wilde originates from a real rock family. Father Marty has been on stage for 50 years. Brother Rick writes the songs for Kim Wilde and sister Roxanne is also a singer. “My brother and my sister participate in this tour also, but they are not so involved with the gardening, within my family I’ve gone a different route somewhat”, chats the singer.

On Thursday Kim Wilde had arrived at Höxter. “It was beautiful to arrive and take up the new environment in peace and to be able to have a quiet holiday, in the afternoon there was an autograph hour in Holzminden and it was really crazy to come from total silence into the bustle”, tells Kim Wilde.

A trip into the Höxter commercial streets was made by Kim Wilde yesterday. “Of course I went shopping. I bought a sweater and a pair of gym shoes, I may not exaggerate, because I am on tour and I have to carry the stuff with me for two weeks before I finally come home.”
Yesterday evening Kim Wilde with her band heated up the nearly sold out Residenz-Stadthalle. Höxter was the official opening place of their current autumn tour.

Prince Viktor could not be there however. “I unfortunately already have another obligation, otherwise I would have come to the concert. I do know all of Kim Wilde’s hits from the time we still played vinyl records”, said the Corvey Castle gentleman.