‘I am a rock chick again’

Where have you hidden yourself during the last few years?
I have mostly been busy tending to my children over the last ten years. I have a girl of seven and a boy of nine years old, so that kept me busy. I have also been back to college, studying horticulture, and written a few books about garden design. I have done a lot of different things, and it was unbelievably interesting. I was part of an eighties tour with ABC and Heaven 17 amongst others and it felt great being on stage again.

Why a comeback?
Three years ago I got an offer from Nena to record the song ‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’ together, and it pulled me out of retirement. It was a big surprise. I love being a rock chick again, but not in a traditional way. The definition has changed: in the 21st century a rock chick can be a mum. On top of that, I have got some more time for myself, now that my children have become old enough to be without their mum for some time. I am glad that I started having children at an older age. I do need them, but children also need time and space for themselves. I try to be a good role model for my children, without belying myself. You don’t please them by losing your own identity. Life doesn’t end when you get married and have children.

What do you think about your own new record?
I am really satisfied, it has become a very energetic poprock-album with a lot of elements from my very first album. The songs are great to play live. There are some old songs on it, but they fit perfectly with the new songs and vice versa. I am most satisfied about the new songs, but I also sing the old ones because the audience loves them. I also started writing new songs for this album. I have a lot to thank Nena for, she inspires me and has convinced me to come back into shape.’

Why do you love gardening so much?
There are different aspects to gardening I really love. First and foremost it’s the physical aspect: working with plants, designing a children’s garden, watching things grow… I grow my own vegetables and fruit. There’s also a creative urge that needs to be satisfied: choosing the colours, making compositions… In fact it’s a bit like painting with flowers, they are so beautiful! I like to be outdoors. I have spent a considerable amount of time in my life in dressing rooms and studios, and I want to compensate for that.

What can fans expect from your performance?
It will be pretty loud. There’s a good rock band with lots of energy and jumping around. Bring your earplugs if you have sensitive ears! (laughs)