“I was never on a cruise ship”

Kim Wilde has often been around the world. But until now she had never been on a cruise ship. “But with the right company such a tour is a lot of fun”, she said in an interview with our newspaper. In the shadow of such a cruise ship she will be on stage during the third Meyer-Werft-Festival on September 7.

Kim, have you laughed today?
I have just broken off my holiday in France for a festival in Wismar. When I am underway with my band I laugh most of the day. Yes, I laugh a lot.

At the beginning of your career we didn’t see you laughing or smiling in the press. You had the image of a bit of a cool lady…
That’s right. I was very young and shy at the beginning of my career. The media created this idea of the non-smiling Kim and I just swam with the stream.

Keyword Behaviour: you were the show act at the Opera Ball in Frankfurt in February. How does Kim Wilde fit in such a rather “rigid” meeting?
Our show fits different meetings, also the opera ball. We made several rockfestivals in this year. But were also a few Galas, and each time we had much fun.

Another large event stands in September in your appointment calendar: The festival of the Meyer Werft in Papenburg. What do you expect?
To be honest: I do not have any concrete conceptions so far. I am always completely open for what comes. I visit most places for the first time. They turn out then often completely differently, than I think they are. Therefore I go completely openly and impartially to Papenburg.

Do you like cruise ships?
I was never on a cruise ship. But I can imagine that it’s good fun with the right company.

Do you have any conception of Papenburg and the Emsland?
Sorry, I don’t. If I weren’t on holiday in the Dordogne right now, I would use the Internet to inform myself. But that’s not possible right here. But I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

Will you have time to experience the country and the people there?
I hope so, yes. It’s really easy to get an impression of a place. And that impression was usually right.

What memories do you have of Nena?
We had a lot of fun together. The guys from her band are really good. We had a great time together when we promoted the single. I really like my memories of that.

Mark Medlock, this year’s winner of the ‘Germany searches a superstar’ contest, will be a guest in Papenburg. What do you think of these contests?
They are first of all tv shows. I don’t look at them and I don’t think they’re aimed at my generation.

Would you say that these contests could be a foundation for a longer lasting career like yours?
The past has shown that it’s hard to hold on to success. There’s no doubt that the winners are talented, but they rarely make it for a long time.

If people describe the winners as a ‘superstar’, what do you think of that, having had this label yourself for many years?
This word is often used by the media, to push their storys. I understand that. I think it’s more of a problem when the contestants or winners use the term to describe themselves with. There’s only a handful of superstars on this world.

Would you advise your own children to take part in such a contest?
If that was what they really wanted to do, yes. But I would point out the dangers of it to them.

How do they like your music? Son Harry is a fan of Metallica…
They both love music. It’s a part of their lives. My daughter Rose like good singers, Madonna most of all. Harry, that’s right, prefers rockers. He is developing into a good guitarist.

Would you consider people like Mark Medlock as support for your own tour?
Who knows. But I’m not sure if his and my audience have much in common.

You supported amongst others Michael Jackson during the eighties. What do you think of his fate?
What he had at problems and/or has, makes me sad.

Will he be able to do a comeback?
Never say never.

You did a comeback with your album ‘Never say never’ after a break to have children and a gardening study. Is the title your own life motto?
Absolutely. In every way. One should approach everything open and positively.