Interview with Kim Wilde during her tour

Will you record more music and go on tour again after this tour?
Yes, of course I’d like to do more, the current tour is a taster. It’s about presenting yourself again after a comeback and a club tour.

What are your favourite flowers?
I love lavender, also because of its healing qualities. Also winter plants like Honeysuckle, which smell like honey. They open their strong smelling flowers in the winter and they are a special joy because of that.

How is the feeling of being on stage again today, when compared to the eighties?
I have grown more adult and have more selfconfidence now and I have more fun to perform live.

Your voice is more outspoken than ever today…
Definitely, it has become stronger, and I have a lot of fun performing on front of my fans.

With whom would you like to collaborate?
I like the Foo Fighters a lot and I could imagine a collaboration with them really well. A new song I’ve made with my brother and my sister, I am presenting on tour and I would like it to be the next single.

With which songs do you have a lot of fun on stage?
To play ‘The Second Time’ live again is great! Also our coverversions like for instance ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and the new song with my sister Roxanne, she also sings background vocals on my tour.

Could you imagine making a cover album?
I could… But I prefer to concentrate on new material, because when you make something new you develop more as an artist.

From where do you get the energy to bring it all together?
I’ve always had a lot of energy, but these days I’m more fit physically, because I take care of myself better. I am stronger and more stable emotionally, which I have to thank my husband and my children for.