Kim Wilde – a “Perfect girl”

She was one of the pop icons of the eighties, the glamour girl of the eighties. Ten years after her last album she comes back with “Never say never”. Impressively so.

“Never say never”, like the title of the James Bond movie of the same name, seems to be the motto of the now 46-year-old Kim. Because she is on (mini)tour, and gives four concerts in Germany (München, Köln, Hamburg and Berlin).
Her hits “Cambodia” and “Kids in America” found their way to many compilation albums, that are occupied with the eighties. And then came the fall from the charts into nowhere land. “When I got out of the music business ten years ago, to get married and to have children, and to study horticulture, I never thought I would ever make a comeback”. But she has missed music she tells the around 750 enthusiastic fans in the Live Music Hall.
Encouraged by the great success of “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime” she enjoyed in 2003 with Nena, she takes the plunge back on stage. And it was quite more remarkable in Cologne.
Under the direction of the Nena producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen she recorded the songs. It is the feelgood pop of the eighties she presents, like in the new piece “Perfect Girl”.
The fans, under them amazingly many young trailers, dance and sing along. An interplay between eighties classics and the new tracks from the recent longplayer. But the “hard core fans” want to hear the old hits, of a matured woman, who possesses still this expression-strong voice. She brings energy and strength to “Four letter word”, “You Keep Me Hangin’ on”, “You Came” and as applauded encore THE Kim Wilde hit, “Kids in America”.