Kim Wilde: Blondes preferred

She is one of the faces of the 80’s: Kim Wilde. The girls envied her for her sexy pout; the young boys got excited about the posters of the cool blonde one. It isn’t long ago. But years after the last album the mother of two acknowledged 25 years after her break-through with “Kids in America” in 2006 with “Never Say Never”. Sonja Biedebach spoke with the 46-year old power woman about pounds, fans and woman questions.

Hello Kim, welcome back on the stage. Although: In the domestic garden it was also completely nice, or?
Yes, but I enjoy it much to perform again.

Many may not know perhaps at all that you hold not only the record as most successful English Popsinger of all times, but in her homeland also has a career as a landscape gardener – with BBC-show and Top honor. What has moved you to return?
My comeback was not planned. When I withdrew myself in 1996, that had several reasons: I had met my husband and wanted to create a family. And I was quite bored and tired from my career. Everything was so great: I had it since I was 20, and at 36 it was time for something new. We then got two fantastic children: Harry (now 9, ed.) and Rose (7). And for them I wanted to create a garden.

But it had to be perfect.
Yes, I even went to college again, in order to learn to become a landscape gardener. I was also unemployed, the Popstar job having been put on ice. There I learned something new. The most important decision of my life.

And now nevertheless again music. One should never never say stop, like “Never Say Never” – the title of your new album.
Exactly. There was a time, there I would have considered it to be impossible to ever since “Kids in America” once more. I had genuinely had enough of this Song. Now it’s fun again for me. And it is great to see what kind of reactions this song gets.

Do her fans only want to hear the old hits or are they open also for new ones?
I think, they would be disappointed, if I would not sing the old hits. But many are unlocked and encourage me to continue. It would not come into my mind to omit the favourite songs of my fans. That would be impudent.

As she was an icon for teenies, she is it now for middle-aged people: you’ve had extra pounds after the birth of your children and now you must be ten kilos lighter and more blonde than ever before. How did you manage that?
(laughs) very slowly, I can tell you. I really gained weight, because I had gotten the children so briefly after one another. And with two children it is difficult to find still time for beauty care. I’m not different from other mothers. It was a fight to lose weight again. But since two, three years I have a personal coach, with whom I work three times a week. And I eat healthier: because of the children there’s much more vegetables around.

Would you sometimes gladly be a man, with whom appearance is not the center of attention in such a way?
No. I love being a woman and I also love to look at other women. Everyone has the potential to be pretty in their kind. I am pleased, when I see humans, who take the best out of themselves.

As for instance Nena?
Yes, it is a perfect example. She is also the main one responsible for my comeback (laughs). Nena spurred me on very much, to take on the curve once more and give me with our hit “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” a giant chance. To see what she made of herself and what she does to be a mother as well as a popstar – yes, she has really motivated me.

[!}Do you have many friendships to colleagues?[!}
Most of my friends I already know since school times. On Saturday we celebrate an all girls evening with loud friends, whom I know since I was eight, ten, twelve. But recently I’ve had many appearances with bands from the eighties, and it is always super to see them all again. Such as Debbie Harry (Blondie). She was already in former times an inspiration for me.

The 80’s experience a Revival for quite some time. Human League, The Police or you – all are again on the road. How do you explain that yourself?
Primarily the 80’s was a great decade for popmusic, with many strong personalities. And in the same way the songs have been preserved well, the musicians have retained their passion for it.

Which at that time were your favorites?
In a funny way today I often work with some from them: Heaven 17, ABC or Duran Duran – it is great to meet them after all these years.

And what do you like to hear these days?
It changes: with my son I rock to Metallica or AC/DC. Also I play Prince gladly. I love his new album. And Rufus Wainwright. Do you know him?

Yes, I have heard him as support at a Keane concert
Oh, Keane I love also!

In 1988 you played in support of Michael Jackson; two years later with David Bowie. You were supposed to be totally in love with Bowie…
Yes, totally! But unfortunately he was not interested in me. He had just fallen in love with Iman. He was so sexy, a bit upsetting. He is today still. A very special type, don’t you think?

He has something, definitely. And how was Michael Jackson?
Well, he was at that time already very detached from the world. I also never correctly got to know him. We met and did not speak really with one another even once. He made an extremely shy impression on me. Somehow he remains a mystery.

You were rather late to get to know your “mister right”, at 36…
I also had a beautiful time before that, but when I met my husband, I fell head over heals in love with him. That was a completely different feeling, and I knew very fast that it is the correct one. We were married also after six months already.

Would you be gladly still 20 – at the beginning of your career?
No, not at all! I like my age, I love to be a mum and the wife of my crazy husband (laughs). It’s great to be a “fourtysomething”. I would gladly stop the time exactly now.

When you see, what happens today with Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse: Did the danger exist to never slip with you?
But, I had also times, in which I was susceptible. But fortunately I had a great family. Whenever I made a strange impression, they were the first to kick me in the backside.

Differently than for instance Robbie Williams had you also success in the USA, including a number one hit with “Keep Me Hanging on”. Was it easier at that time?
My career was never really easy – apart perhaps from the beginning. Later it was just a piece of hard work. The hit in the USA is a beautiful memory. But I am completely lucky that my career didn’t last long in the USA. I live gladly in England and tour in Europe, without by the whole world to be taken in.

Where you see yourselves in five years: on the stage or in the garden?
I hope that in five years my son and my daughter stand with me on the stage. Harry plays already super guitar, and Rose can sing with me.

Lastly a woman question: What is your natural hair color?
A bright brown.