Kim Wilde: ‘I am less vulnerable and my hair looks better’

Kim Wilde was in the eighties what Beyoncé and Christina are now. Recently she performed in Paradiso and soon you can see her play at Parkpop and Bospop – quite a bit happier than then and with better hair.

Your album was released six months ago. Why did you want to do a comeback?
Half of my album consists of new material and the other half is old hits that I’ve re-recorded and adapted to the 21st century. The idea started when Nena (singer of ’99 Luftballons’ – ed.) re-recorded her old hits. Her producer convinced me to do the same. I only felt weird about re-recording my old hit ‘Kids in America’. But it all turned out allright.

Did you have to change a lot of your style from then?
A lot of music right now sounds retro and all styles return. The Killers for example sound a lot like Duran Duran. That’s why I can still play my old music, without having the feeling of missing the point. Reaching a new audience is a bit slower, though. Most of my visitors come with good memories of the eighties. There are a lot of men; I hope that I don’t disappoint them. A record is a bit different from seeing someone in the flesh, ha ha.

Why are so many artists from back then interested in doing a comeback?
For every band or artist there’s a different reason. For me it’s the love of singing and performing live. I was pulled out of my life as a mother, journalist and designer to do an eighties tour and I enjoyed it because of two reasons: I got to meet my old heroes and it paid well.

Have you changed a lot since ‘Kids in America’ came out in 1981?
I am a lot happier, because in your twenties you doubt a lot, of course. On the sleeve of the single of ‘Kids in America’ I look very unhappy. Now I am less vulnerable and my hair looks a lot better fortunately.

Is it more difficult to tour when you have a family of your own?
My husband takes care of the children right now. I do return every other week, but children do need their own space too. I felt that way when I was a kid. I encourage my son to play the guitar. I have even bought a Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt for him.

You have built a career in garden design over the last few years. Would you like to design the garden of my new house?
Haha, it is my second passion now and it is nice to have something next to music. But I propose you read my book ‘The First Time Gardener’.