Kim Wilde in Vega with hits and soil under the nails: The mother of ‘Kids in America’, Kim Wilde, visits Copenhagen on Sunday

[Translated for Wilde Life by Tim Nielsen.]

Kim Wilde has tried a bit of everything in her now 46 year long life, and her development seems more interesting than the music she with great predictability sends on the marked – especially south of the Kongeå [Danish stream which once was the border to Germany], where she’s still a big name.

25 years ago she was the object of many wild teenageboys wet and courageous dreams. Today Kim Wilde is on the one hand a mature english housewife with an itch to write and soil under the nails of her green gardening fingers, and on the other hand deliverer of the designerpop, that brought her to the top of the charts back then in the somewhat uncritical eighties.

Today she’s also a certain name in the cd-player when todays aging popgirls after the girlsdinner, parties with the dough-scraber and the immortal classics from when the world was in pastel shades.

In any case exactly the girls from the eighties can be found at Vega, Copenhagen, Sunday evening, when Kim Wilde comes to the stage. And she’s doing that to follow up on her tenth album, ‘Never Say Never’ and the album’s latest single ‘Together We Belong’.
Ten albums and five and a half giant hit are Kim Wilde’s quite tangible contributions to popular music. But today she’s more doing it as an author and TV-hostess with specialty in gardens.

One hit wonder

She has sold 5.6 million albums. But she in no way impresses Berlingske Tidende’s musical editor Thomas Søie Hansen.
“Kim Wilde is from the one-hit-wonder era and her hits are still classics. But rightly speaking she didn’t mean shit [i.e. had no significance]” says Søie to Dato, and describes her style of music as follows: “Designerpop, that hasn’t been made for anything else than money.”
Kim Wilde goes on stage in Vega on Sunday at 20:00. A ticket costs 315 kr at the entrance.

Kim Wilde’s biggest hits:

  • ‘Kids in America’ (’81)
  • ‘Chequered Love’ (’81)
  • ‘Cambodia’ (’81)
  • ‘View from a Bridge’ (’82)
  • ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ (’86)
  • ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime’ (2003) with Nena