Kim Wilde looks forward to her fans in Höxter

World star Kim Wilde is a guest in the Residenz Stadthalle Höxter on November 2. The pop icon of the eighties talked about her tour, the music business and her fans with Westfalen-Blatt-editor Eva Brinkmann.

You chose Höxter as a starting point of the second part of your ‘Perfect Girl’ tour. Why didn’t you choose a bigger city?
Earlier this year I was in Hamburg and Berlin, in Paris and Copenhagen. The bookers are convinced that many fans didn’t have an opportunity yet to see me. So I accepted their invitations.

What expectations do you have from Höxter?
This summer we performed during festivals in front of at least 2000 people, but also in smaller clubs. Personally I prefer a more intimate venue, where I can have better communication. I’m really looking forward to it.

Is it mostly fans from the eighties who visit your concerts, or is the audience younger now?
There are many people who are as old as I am or in their thirties, and most of them are men (laughs). There are also some younger people who are interested in me because of my duet with Nena. But mostly my audiences are a little more mature, they grew up with my music and my music brings back lovely memories for them.

How big is your fanbase in Germany?
I have worked a lot in Germany, had a big hit with Nena here. My popularity here is a lot bigger than in the UK. There the people know me mostly as a gardener. In Germany I’m popular because of my music and my comeback to the stage. It’s wonderful, I can have two separate careers at the same time.

Is there someone else from Germany, besides Nena, who you’d like to work with?
I would like to do more in this way because it’s great to work with different artists. There is a true fan of mine, Sabrina Winter, who sings herself now and writes songs. She will go on tour with me. But at the moment my own music is the most important. Next year I hope to make a new album with a lot of self-written songs.

What has changed in the music business since the eighties?
When I think back to the vinyl era, it’s unbelievable how things have changed. The internet has enormous implications for the trade in music. Back then the music industry had an enormous influence, which wasn’t always good. But now the power of those who make the music is bigger.

How do you manage to look exciting at 45 years old?
I do a lot of weight and power training. I don’t smoke and do nothing that hurts me, besides the odd glass of wine. I take care of my diet and drink a lot of water. I think it’s also a question of genetics. My mother has fantastic skin, which I think I inherited.