Kim Wilde opens cancer unit for fairy godmother

Kim Wilde opened a breast cancer unit at the QE2 Hospital named after a woman dubbed a “fairy godmother”. Vicki Adkins has single-handedly badgered and coerced the community into donating more than £1million. That money has now been turned into the Vicki Adkins Breast Unit – one of the most well-equipped facilities in the country for diagnosing the disease.

Kim Wilde, one of the appeal’s patrons, was on hand on Thursday to cut the ribbon and pay tribute to Vicki’s hard work. Codicote resident Kim, who co-designed the facility’s garden, said Vicki came to her 10 years ago as a cancer sufferer. She told the WHT: “It is great to see what’s possible when someone has a dream. I started off when I was an 80s pop star, and then as a gardener, but I do all the safe stuff like cutting ribbons and line dancing. I leave the adventurous stuff to Vicki, but it’s great to be here for this special moment.”

In front of dignitaries and hospital staff Kim became so emotional she could hardly read her own speech. She concluded that Vicki was someone with “drive, energy and powers of persuasion” and “should not be underestimated”.

Vicki jokingly said she knew she had nagged people for their cash, but added: “I would like to thank the community for supporting me and for giving me their money.”

The unit is situated on the south lawn at the rear of the WGC hospital in a purpose-built facility also incorporating the new MRI unit, which shared the official opening. The facility comes complete with scanner, changing facilities and a large preparation and recovery area.

It has been open to breast cancer patients since September.