Kim Wilde: she who makes happy

What music have the youngsters in the eighties heard in low populated areas like the Hunsruck? It can’t have been Kim Wilde, because only 400 people turned up at her gig in the Morbacher Baldenauhalle last Friday. However, there were hardly any people from Trier there as well.

If cattle affect an electrical fence, they try in the future to avoid the unpleasant contact. Humans are often not yet so far. One fears for the adaptability of their kind comrades, when one sees concertgoers, shooting pictures with their mobile phones from a distance of more than ten meters. It’s like they’re collecting photographs of shear-cut backs of the heads with vague background lighting. Instead of holding telephones into the air, in order to make useless photos, the spectators should rather use their hands for applauding. There was enough cause for that with the concert of Kim Wilde.

The most successful British singer of all times works first as euphorically as each former world star, that resounds in a half-full hall between Bischofsdrohn and Hoxel. She needs a few songs, in order to become warm with the conditions in the cool Morbach.

But then the show hottens up. One must not have a fear for women with higher house numbers, in order to find the 46-year old (birthday on 18 November) attractive. Kim Wilde has such an erotic radiant emittance that one would like to fall on the knees in gratitude to the Lord to be a man. It does not even work like kitsch that at the right edge of stage she lets a fan blow her platinum-blond permed hair as on stormy lake. Her blessed-making laughter, her alltogether unworrying, passionate occurrence and her drama, for example with “Never trust A Stranger” looking at her bassist Nick Beggs (also with Kajagoogoo) with large eyes, produce feelings of happiness.

And then there is also still the music. How they radiate also their pieces, from which some to the fact contributed that the 80’s became the last important decade in music. Her setlist doesn’t differ so much from the one in Luxembourg’s Atelier eight months ago. With “Chequered Love” begins the show and with “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime”, which helped her and Nena to a comeback four years ago, Depeche mode’s “Enjoy the silence” and “You keep me hangin’ on” ends the official part.

In the encore there is an extra track, which however is a too syrupy for the Morbacher. Kim Wilde sings with their “beautiful, sexy, little sister” and background singer Roxanne in duet the ballad, written especially for the tour, “Lay your weapons down”, which was written like much of her songs by her brother and guitarist Ricky. With “You came” and an expanded version of “Kids in America” the enchanting British woman says goodbye and leaves fans of full luck hormones.