She can still do it – Kim Wilde

Great to meet in the Großen Freiheit. Do you remember in 1981, we were the ‘Kids in America’? The blonde woman with the pout, wild, fresh? And now she is standing here, Kim Wilde in tight black jeans on the stage, whirls with the mike and the mane, and flaunts her 46 years of age.

She doesn’t really need it: the queen of synthpop still looks damned attractive, and even the recognisable voice has lost almost nothing of its appeal. As if time has stood still.

At least, almost. A few new songs were already on the comeback-album ‘Never say never’. Not very exciting or originally arranged – but back then, it was a wild time. And of course the British woman has included the old hits on her setlist. They belong to such a revival-party: ‘Chequered love’ is still sung with the same passion by the twofold mother, and also ‘Tuning in tuning on’. And while the images of the eighties are projected on the screen at the back of the stage, we wallow in good memories.

We listen again to the steam hammer with which Kim’s producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen trimmed the old hits. Which cannot really spoil meanwhile the good mood on these 40-plus-Party. Because age mildness naturally applies also to a class meeting with the Wilde.