Singer Kim Wilde: ‘I rejected rich worshippers’

[Translated for Wilde Life by James]

Kim Wilde – you were one of the most beautiful and popular woman in the world. Why did you get married at age 36, I am sure you had a lot of good men falling for you or proposing you?
I was waiting for REAL love. I met an actor 11 years ago, I fell in love with him, actor is a financially unstable job. He wasn’t rich and didn’t have that much money, so he can be sure that I didn’t get married to him for money, I married for love. Of course I got a lot of proposals from stable and rich men but i was rejecting them.

Your last album “Never say never” was released in 2006, you took a long break but you were one of the most popular singers in UK
I started to record the album after the hit I had with Nena. When i started to record the album, I was a little sceptical about it, that’s why I kind of didn’t do much of experiments or took a lot of chances. I am planning to do another album, I might even try to work with some new people and producers, maybe even some writers or producers who aren’t so close to my Poprock genre.

20 years ago you were compared to Debbie Harry, Blondie and Kim Basinger, which one you like better or is closer to you?
Deborah Harry is closer, she was and still is great musician, I love being compared to her. This year after 25 years I finally met her. She was a class act, fantastic. About Kim Basinger well thank you very much, what can I say I hope compliment is mutual.

In Russia European pop music is very popular and especially eighties pop. What about the UK, I’m assuming it’s not that much valued anymore right?
Well, in the UK it was very popular a few years ago, not so much now anymore.. I am glad in Russia still it is that and I had the privilege to perform in front of a big audience.