‘Today I laugh more’ – Kim Wilde, the most exciting glamour-girl of the eighties

Kim Wilde is one of the biggest icons of the pop history. The most successful english female pop singer of all times comes to Ilshofen in the Arena Hohenlohe on October 31. She became famous worldwide with hits like ‘Kids in America’, ‘You came’, and ‘You keep me hangin’ on’. In an interview with Moritz the 46 year old talked about her career, the recent album and the upcoming tour.

Kim Wilde, your new album has the title ‘Never say never’. How would you classify it?
One half of the songs is new, the other half are new versions of the old songs. The album has a fresh and contemporary sound, especially the old songs sound fresh and new. I was really excited to sing again after all this time. The producer was Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, but I have also written a few songs on it, which I haven’t done in a long time as well. I feel that that was the right way to go. I am really motivated and will write some more songs. I hope to record a new album next year.

On the album there is another duet with Nena (‘You keep me hangin’ on – ed.). You are working together again. How did that come about?
When I was at a media party in Berlin, I met Nena. We hadn’t seen eachother since the eighties and she said that she was to record a new album with the title ‘Nena featuring Nena’ and she asked me whether I wanted to be part of it. I said that I could imagine doing that, but didn’t think much of it. I went to Germany a couple of month later and we recorded a song together (Anyplace, anywhere, anytime – ed.). I couldn’t understand the success that followed (A Europe-wide top ten hit – ed.). It was unbelievable, a big surprise. It was a new kickstart for my career. I can only thank Nena for that.

In October the second part of your tour starts with a concert in the Arena Hohenlohe. What can your fans expect from you and your show?
It will be a rock show. It will be different from the first part of the tour. We have brought some new ideas into it. It will be something new for the fans, who have seen the previous tour, that much is sure!

What experiences have you had with German fans?
The fans are totally crazy! Unbelievable! The tour at the start of the year was absolutely fantastic. After all these years I was received totally enthusiastic by the audience and that is a great feeling. I am really excited to come back to Germany. It’s simply a great honour to do a concert here.

What were the most special moments in your career? There must have been some.
There were so many undescribable moments, which I like to remember, such as the early years of Musikladen. I met Billy Idol and Nena there and most of all the people in Germany. I had a great time. These were wonderful moments and I found some great friends. But the tour with Michael Jackson was also and unbelievable experience. I think, however, that the tours in recent years were the most interesting for me as a live artist. I would like to make a video, in which people would get to see me on stage over and over again.

These days there are many young and talented musicians. Which do you like?
There are many good artist. I like for instance John Mayer, who is a traditional folk singer/songwriter. He has a great attitude. I also like bands that rock. I like hearing the Red Hot Chili Peppers or at home also AC/DC (laughs).

Do you have any plans for after the tour? Are there any special wishes for the future?
At the moment I am concentrating on live music and I look forward to do the tour. It goes on until before Christmas, which I enjoy a lot too.

One question to end with, which interests a lot of women, but also men: how do you manage to look so sexy still?
(laughs) I think I inherited a good skin from my mother. I think that’s hereditary. But I look after myself, I exercise every day, I stick to a healthy diet and I am a happy person. Not like the old days when I looked serious most of the time. I laugh more nowadays and I have more fun with my career. I don’t feel as much pressure anymore.