Wet, wetter, Parkpop 2007

Parkpop 2007 goes into the records as very wet for the second year in a row. Despite this 175.000 pop lovers came to the Hague’s Zuiderpark to see the efforts of artists from under an umbrella. Some 8000 children, dads and moms had already seen a very successful Children’s Parkpop the day before. And big round stage with two rings for the audience. The first ring was obviously meant for children.

Ome Willem, who presented the first edition of Parkpop, announced all the big names: Jim, Elize, Ch!pz and Kus. Before the party went loose, Ome Willem was looking for a child. A little blonde boy sang a song and was nominated for A Haagse Rakker. Or was that city council member Sander Dekker?

The popular girl group Kus convinced the audience of Children’s Parkpop totally. The children sang along to all their songs. After the performance lots of fans were waiting with booklets to be signed. Alas, the girls had to rush off to another performance. A handkiss had to do.

The performers for Parkpop were very diverse this year and most of them unknown. Air Traffic was promising. The influences of Coldplay and Radiohead were audible. The band was very entertaining.
The Family Stand promised to go all out on Parkpop. The promise was kept, becuase the rocking soul trio did very well. There was a rumour that Idols winner Boris would perform as a surprise act. Boris married singer St Victor from the band. Alas it remained a rumour.

The big audience puller this year was Kim Wilde. It didn’t take the rock diva from the eighties much effort to get the Zuiderpark at her feet. With hits like ‘Kids in America’ and’Chequered love’ the party was complete. Emotioned – as if there wasn’t enough wetness there – Kim Wilde left the stage. After her the Zuiderpark got quiet again because Kim Wilde was the headliner of Parkpop 2007.