Articles 2008

18 December 2008 Clowns next to heroes: pop meets not so much classic at Nokia Night 2008 Neue Presse (Germany)
12 December 2008 Night of voices with lots of hits Sudwest Aktiv website (Germany)
7 December 2008 Kim Wilde can still do it Münsterländische Volkszeitung (Germany)
2 December 2008 Night of the Proms! Finally back in top form Bild (Germany)
30 November 2008 Nokia Night of the Proms: exciting time travel website (Germany)
24 November 2008 Kim Wilde The Independent (UK)
15 November 2008 Kim Wilde’s Dunweedin’ Works management website (UK)
1 November 2008 ‘I loved becoming a gardener so much it was a bit like a religious conversion’ Woman & Home (UK)
1 November 2008 Back to the Eighties [unknown] (Germany)
31 October 2008 Wilde thing back in the game Burton Mail (UK)
21 October 2008 Sabrina and Kim celebrated 10 years “Stereoblonde” website (Germany)
17 October 2008 Kim Wilde The Times (UK)
4 October 2008 Kim Wilde rocks in Nachtleben website (Germany)
3 October 2008 Kim Wilde swapped microphone for watering can Speyer Aktuell website (Germany)
1 October 2008 Autumn in my garden Garden Confidential (UK)
25 September 2008 Fans rosy about Kim Herald Sun (Australia)
24 September 2008 Wilde about footy. Not really… The Age (Australia)
18 September 2008 Rolling back the years at Breamore Salisbury Journal (UK)
6 September 2008 Seegeflüster 2008: Rock & Roll despite rainfall Hagener Rundschau (Germany)
6 September 2008 Fast-paced show in the pouring rain Zeitung für Hagen (Germany)
2 September 2008 Wilde ideas on eco-friendly gardens Times & Star (UK)
1 September 2008 Singer Kim Wilde Daily Record (UK)
1 September 2008 Go Wilde in the garden! Mature Times (UK)
27 August 2008 Yorkshire Bank goes Wilde for greener gardens Yorkshire Bank press release (UK)
19 August 2008 “In this country I’m a retro 80s artist who likes gardening” website (UK)
19 August 2008 Kim’s life is still blooming Daily Record (UK)
6 August 2008 ‘We’re the kids of Zofingen’ website (Switzerland)
5 August 2008 The garden is the second stage website (Switzerland)
29 July 2008 Kim Wilde – ‘In one or two years there will be a new CD’ website (Switzerland)
27 July 2008 Kim is wild about Linz Kronen Zeitung (Austria)
26 July 2008 Venetian Night: first Latex Lordi, then disco by Kim Wilde website (Czech Republic)
22 July 2008 Don’t miss: Kim Wilde, Greeks, Celts and X-Files Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic)
21 July 2008 Blickling 11th Anniversary 80s Concert Eastern Daily Press (UK)
5 July 2008 Kim Wilde defies the rain in Hamm Westfällischer Anzeiger (Germany)
4 July 2008 Kim Wilde heads for Portsmouth music festival The News (UK)
1 July 2008 Watering Harrod Horticultural website (UK)
1 July 2008 Now I am glad to be a pin-up De Morgen (Belgium)
8 June 2008 What’s on my menu… with Kim Wilde Sunday Express Magazine (UK)
8 June 2008 Living in a country paradise Sunday Express (UK)
7 June 2008 Kim Wilde for free in Brussels Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)
2 June 2008 Going Wilde Daily Express (UK)
1 June 2008 Music to cook to by Kim Wilde Magnet website (UK)
1 June 2008 Wilde gardening Better homes and gardens (UK)
1 June 2008 Can’t cook, no time to cook! Magnet website (UK)
31 May 2008 Children’s gardening Harrod Horticultural website (UK)
29 May 2008 From pop stardom to potting plants: meet the female artist with the most 80s chart hits : Kim Wilde Celebrate the 80s (UK)
20 May 2008 Just Wilde about tee garden The Comet (UK)
1 May 2008 What happens in Kim’s kitchen? Magnet website (UK)
1 May 2008 Composting Harrod Horticultural website (UK)
29 April 2008 Kim Wilde: ‘Madonna stole my crown’ website (UK)
29 April 2008 80s popstar blames Madonna for the demise of her music career Showbiz Spy website (UK)
28 April 2008 Kim Wilde Dean Piper website (UK)
26 April 2008 Something for the weekend Saturday Express Saturday Magazine (UK)
25 April 2008 According to Olieman RNG Weekend (Netherlands)
10 April 2008 Grow your own endangered veg MSN Environment (UK)
8 April 2008 Protect Britain’s Vegetable Heritage by digging your dinner Garden Organic website (UK)
1 April 2008 A green and Wilde UK: Kim Wilde fronts Magnet’s ‘Kitchen Ecolution’ campaign Magnet website (UK)
1 April 2008 Welcome to Olympus Gala (Germany)
1 April 2008 Wilde’s flowers Hertfordshire Life (UK)
29 March 2008 ‘Leona’s magic will give her an amazing career in the States’, says Kim Wilde The Sun (UK)
28 March 2008 Kim Wilde thrilled for Leona Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
28 March 2008 Review – Algajale aednikule Harju Ekspress (Estonia)
27 March 2008 Leona Lewis becomes the first British woman to top US charts for more than 20 years Daily Mail (UK)
23 March 2008 Interview: Kim Wilde website (UK)
22 March 2008 Gardening advice grows The Arizona Republic (USA)
13 March 2008 Kim Wilde to DJ on Virgin Radio The Guardian (UK)
12 March 2008 Kim Wilde to front Magnet ‘green kitchen’ drive Brand Republic website (UK),
1 March 2008 Stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids this Easter? Magnet website (UK)
6 February 2008 Kim Wilde: one for the heart and one for the garden! La Tribune de Genève (Switzerland)
23 January 2008 Could it be a Wilde wedding? Daily Express (UK)
19 January 2008 Pass the remote! [unknown] (UK)
1 January 2008 Dig for victory! [unknown] (UK)