80s popstar blames Madonna for the demise of her music career

80s popstar Kim Wilde blames Madonna for the demise of her once flourishing music career.

Wilde, who had hits with Kids In America and You Keep Me Hanging On, said: “I hit the top of the charts two years before Madonna came on the scene and stole my thunder. I remember seeing her and thinking, ‘Here’s trouble!’ I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get to me, but I never disliked her.”

Kim, 47, says she now takes inspiration from the Material Girl girl singer. “I look at her now and think she’s amazing,” said Wilde. “When I started hearing about her yoga, I was inspired to look after my body. Now I love going for long walks, eating healthily and working out with a trainer. All that exercise pays off for her – so why not for the rest of us?”