A green and Wilde UK: Kim Wilde fronts Magnet’s ‘Kitchen Ecolution’ campaign

Green fingered 80s pop icon Kim Wilde has teamed up with national kitchen giant Magnet to lead a ‘Kitchen Ecolution’.

To encourage UK households to be greener and more environmentally friendly in the hub of the home, the kitchen, Kim and Magnet have put together ‘Eight Simple Steps for Going Green in the Kitchen 2008’.

1. Incorporate recycling gadgets in your kitchen

The kitchen is the largest ‘culprit room’ in the house for waste so bin it!
“Many Brits have joined the recycling revolution, but there’s still more that can be done. Thanks to new products like recycling bins in the kitchen, and new local council collection services, recycling bottles, plastic bags and paper is easier than ever. Build recycling into your kitchen design and hide recycling storage away. Plus
educate your kids to recycle and make it fun.”

2. Buy energy saving kitchen appliances

Like the latest kitchen gadget, the hot water tap that costs just 2p a day to run.
“You can even save electricity when making a cup of tea with energy saving gadgets like the steaming hot water tap! Install energy efficient appliances in your kitchen to cut down on energy costs and environmental impact.”

3. Create a kitchen garden

Growing your own is easy and reduces food miles
“Growing your own vegetables is not only a healthy and nutritious way to eat, but is also better for the environment. I grow fresh vegetables in my garden so my family has fresh salads and veggies all the time. This means less food miles, less packaging, fewer trips to the supermarket and it’s cheaper too!”

4. Check leaky taps

This can save up to 25 litres of water a day
“Britain uses more water than anywhere else in the world with the average Brit using between 130 – 160 litres per day. Two simple steps to conserve water in the UK are to check leaky kitchen taps and replace the worn washers. When cooking, wash fruit vegetables in a bowl rather leave the water running, and use the remainder to water
household plants.”

5. Look out for eco-friendly products

And save our plant life and rivers

“Our supermarket shelves are awash with organic and recycled products so there is no excuse not to use them in the kitchen. Chemicals found in normal household products are harmful to not only you and your home but also pollute plant life and rivers. Look for natural, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products.”

6. Turn things off

Kitchens house more appliances than anywhere else in the home
“By turning toasters, kettles and microwaves off at the mains switch each night, you will not only save money on your power bill but cut down on energy waste. The average TV is left on standby for 17.5 hours a day – that’s food for thought!”

7. Compost or waste dispose

Nine out of 10 homes in the US have a waste disposal or compression unit, why
haven’t we? Composting or waste disposal can reduce 20% of food waste in the home.
“Composting not only allows you to reduce the amount of waste you put in your bin but puts goodness back into the earth. Compost items such as vegetable peelings, fruit waste and teabags, but don’t put in meats and dairy products, as they will cause
pests. For a beginners step-by-step guide log onto www.recyclenow.com.
If you don’t have a garden or you live in an apartment then waste disposal units are a quick and convenient way to dispose of food. They are environmentally friendly as
they remove waste through your normal drainage system.

8. Think think think

Can you go greener in the kitchen? Change just one simple thing in the kitchen to make a difference.
“Recycling and being economically efficient is vital for the future of our planet and can no longer be an option in our daily lives. By taking these simple steps to become more green in your kitchen you will help make a difference without too much effort or

Magnet is committed to helping make Britain’s kitchens greener. As part of its campaign, it is donating £100 for every sale of its green Urban Citrique kitchen during the spring sale to The Carbon Trust; is offering special discounts on its three part recycling bins to really encourage more homes to make recycling part of their routine and is developing their first kitchen entirely from renewable resources.

Following the peak of her music career in the 1980s, Mum of two Kim Wilde is now well known for her green fingers and advocacy of a green lifestyle indoors. The busy working Mum has been running an environmentally friendly household for years making her the ideal expert to collaborate with the UK kitchen expert.

For more information visit www.magnet.co.uk