Kim Wilde – ‘In one or two years there will be a new CD’

Her hits from the Eighties are still exciting even now.

You will fill a whole summer evening of hits together with Chris de Burgh at Heitere Open Air. Do you know one another well?
No, but I have met Chris de Burgh numerous times through the years. I remember one night in Paris, when we both had a little too much to drink in a bar. At the end I was at the piano with him, singing ‘Lady in red’. It was really funny.

You are a mother of two. How does that influence your music career?
This double impact makes my life extremely chaotic from time to time. But my children are such a source of inspiration for me. And it does me such good to come back to reality after a tour, to do the laundry at home, to watch the children and the dog at home and to work in the garden.

Do you really still do your housework yourself?
I have a maid, who comes by once a week. But we have neither a nanny nor anyone else.

What do your children think of their mum being a popstar?
My 8-year old daughter thinks it’s extremely cool. Recently she was at one of my concerts for the first time and made herself an outfit for the occasion. My 10 year old son prefers to hear Metallica and Linkin Park, but he’s also very proud of me.

Are you writing new songs right now?
Not yet, but I will start to do so by the end of the year. First it’s off to a holiday with the family after this tour.

To France, for four weeks. I am really crazy about that country and can hardly wait.