Kim Wilde: ‘Madonna stole my crown’

Former 1980s singer Kim Wilde has accused Madonna of stealing her musical crown as the Queen of Pop.
The Kids In America singer was at the height of her career when Madonna started to make musical waves – spelling the end of her reign as pop princess.

But despite the Material Girl’s negative effect on her career, Wilde still has a lot of respect for the star – even copying her healthy lifestyle to help her shape up.
She says, “I had the top of the charts two years before Madonna came on the scene and stole my thunder. I remember seeing her and thinking, ‘Here’s trouble!’

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get to me, but I never disliked her. And I look at her now and think she’s amazing.

“When I started doing yoga, I was inspired to look after my body. Now I love going for long walks, eating healthily and working out with a trainer.”