Seegeflüster 2008: Rock & Roll despite rainfall

Hagen. At the end most of the audience was totally wet, but it was worth it. More than 2000 visitors were there on Friday. Whoever came, won’t have regretted it.

“It was so much fun”, said Julia Neigel long after her performance at the 4th edition of Seegeflüster. Despite getting cold in her clothes she gave her all during the 90 minutes she played on stage, always reached out to the audience. With a worthwhile show and her great voice she finally had the somewhat wet audience in her grasp. Even before her hotly awaited encore “Schatten an der Wand” there was no holding back. Julia went over the photographers pit to the fans, let herself be held and celebrated. She played six new songs, one of which was “Our love”, from the new album that is worth buying. A great performance.

Shortly before 10pm Kim Wilde took to the stage and exploded right from the first second. A very good sound made the rain drift from everybody’s mind despite it getting stronger. “I come from France and have a real lust for the stage”, she said during an interview beforehand – and she kept her word. The British woman played many hits of her own, but also “Born to be wild” from Steppenwolf, “because I can”. That’s right. Despite the bad luck with the weather it was a great night. Hard to believe that tonight could be better, when Revolverheld and Christina Stürmer take to the stage. The weather will – hopefully – be better.

“A wonderful place for a festival” (Kim Wilde)