Venetian Night: first Latex Lordi, then disco by Kim Wilde

British singer Kim Wilde returned the atmosphere of the 1980s to the Venice Night festival. The 47-year-old singer played her hits from discos such as ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’. Although she also offered more rock songs to thousands of viewers, she amused them more with her more famous dance hits.

“Hello, Mala Skala,” Kim Wilde, who was one of the most popular English singers in the 1980s and moved in the same league as her peer Madonna, greeted the audience after the first song. The very first single ‘Kids In America’ in 1981 became a hit and scored in the American and British charts.

Although she was a typical star of the English pop sky of the eighties, she also gave concerts with representatives of the new wave, such as Duran Duran or Adam Ant. During the concert at Malá Skála, she also surprised with cover versions of songs, such as ‘I’ll Stand By You’, known for the band Pretenders.

In the afternoon, many visitors preferred swimming in nearby Jizera to music due to the great heat. About half as many people watched the program on four stages in the afternoon than on Friday.

For example, Michal Hrůza or the group Mňága and Žďorp, which had to add, reaped success with the audience. In addition, the singer Meka Žbirka also played two songs for large audiences, and the Mig 21 formation also attracted attention.

An interesting concert was performed by the group Sons of the Bar, where the recently tragically deceased František Sahula was replaced by Lou Fanánek Hagen. “I don’t know all the lyrics yet, it’s our first performance, so I have to help myself by reading from a computer,” the frontman of the Three Sisters told the audience.

The Venetian night will end on Sunday evening with a performance by the Czech big-bit legend Olympic and the Úval ensemble Medvěd 009.