What happens in Kim’s kitchen?

Kim Wilde tells all about family life in the kitchen.

For celebrity Mum Kim Wilde the kitchen truly is the hub of the home. This is why she’s teamed up with kitchen expert Magnet to talk about what happens in her kitchen, what she likes to cook and her idea of a dream kitchen.

A typical day in Kim’s kitchen

Kim’s family is a busy one and there’s no better evidence of this than in her kitchen!
With two children under eleven years and both Kim and her husband working, the kitchen tends to be the centre of the action when they’re all together.
“When I’m at home and not working I like to start each day as relaxed as possible, with a nice healthy breakfast in the kitchen with my two children. Once they are at school I like to sit with a herbal tea and a bowl of fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and fresh mint picked from the garden.
“Once they are home from school, they sit at a big pine table in the kitchen, do homework and eat a snack I have made for them while I am preparing and cooking dinner. Once my husband comes home we can all sit and eat an evening meal. I’m not a fan of TV while we are eating as I like to encourage conversation, but once a week we
all have a TV dinner and an Indian takeaway!”

Kim’s kitchen style

“I am a fan of country style kitchens as I live in a converted farm building and in a very rural area. My kitchen at home is hand painted and similar to Magnet’s Charleston Hand-Painted in its look and feel. It’s an open plan kitchen/diner and opens out to an
outside eating area that we use lots in the summer.
“I have an Aga, which I love, and two sinks – one for washing vegetables and one for general use. I have a big pine table that all the family sit around to eat and interact. I also grow herbs and things like cress on my windowsill.”

Who does the cooking and what do you cook?

Like most Mums, Kim Wilde loves providing nutritious, healthy and tasty food for her two children. Well known for her horticultural interests, Kim likes to grow her own vegetables and incorporates them in meals for her children.

She said: “Growing your own vegetables is a great way to get children interested in eating healthily. Involving them from the start enables them to get excited. It’s great for
them to be able to see and smell herbs and vegetables as they grow and to touch, see and smell them as they’re harvested so noses aren’t turned up when they arrive on a plate.”

Kim makes the most of her home-grown veggies by making them a staple base to every meal.
“I tend to cook my own soups with seasonal flavours and the children love stir fry’s. They are quick, easy and nutritious to make and you can add vegetables, organic meat and noodles.”

“My husband, Hal, is an actor so often works unsociable hours, but he tends to cook for us if he’s home from work. He loves cooking roast dinners, stir fry’s and pasta dishes. Family meal times are important and we try and sit down for a family meal about three times a week.”

Kim’s ideal kitchen

“I love entertaining and having kitchen gatherings so the Urban Citrique party kitchen from Magnet would be ideal for me. The breakfast bar would be great for the family to sit at while I cook and the media centre would be ideal for parties.
“In terms of style, it’s not quite right for my country style house but the bold, glossy, green colour is amazing mixed with the walnut – for a gardener like me it’s like having
the outdoors inside!”

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