What’s on my menu… with Kim Wilde

Couch or kitchen?
I don’t like sitting on the couch to eat, but I make an exception if we have a takeaway. Generally the whole family sits together at the table in the kitchen. It hasn’t always been like that – in the past there was a lot of clutter but we’ve revamped it. We always eat Sunday lunch together, and other meals if we can.

Must eat?
I love fruit, so I always have a huge amount of it in the kitchen. In the garden we have apples, plums and raspberries growing at the moment. Growing fruit and vegetables is great, especially if you’ve got children because it immediately engages them and they can eat and enjoy what they’ve grown.

Won’t eat?
I’m not keen on Monster Munch or anything that’s over-processed. I don’t like buying ready meals – I prefer to make my own shepherd’s pie or bolognese instead. It’s so much healthier.

Top tipple?
I love cocktails, so my top tipple would have to be a caipirinha or a mojito with lots of lime and sugar. I like that sort of thing because it’s really fresh tasting. I love very good wine too and always prefer a glass of good wine to champagne. However, saying that, I wouldn’t say no to champagne!

Sweet treat?
I’m more of a savoury girl, but I do like dessert from time to time. I can be quite particular with my choice of sweet. I’m not a fan of ice cream but I love sorbet, and I’m not really into cake but I do like English puddings like rhubarb crumble or spotted dick and custard. Fresh fruit always does it for me too – chopped fruits with cassis or fresh mint poured over, chilled in the fridge with a blob of crème fraiche to serve. Divine.

I’m quite adventurous and will give new things a try. I can make an irresistible salad using leaves from my garden, toasted pine nuts and a dressing made from olive oil, white vinegar, mustard, garlic and a little sugar. I’m pretty good at things my mum taught me to cook too, like lamb stew with carrots, potatoes, pearl barley and dumplings. My son loves my stew and dumplings – it’s very high on my repertoire.

Ultimate dinner companion?
It would be Rufus Wainwright. He’d make me laugh and, like me, he’s the product of a famous father, so I think we’d have a lot in common. I’d invite him to my garden and teach him to grow a few things.

Secret snack shame

I snack on seeds. Their health benefits have been well documented and they’re very good for women – all those B vitamins. I always have a jar in the kitchen just to dip into.