Soooooeerrrrr…. we get onstage in Randers, and the whole place is buzzing. By far the best vibe so far, they’re singing and chanting at the top of their voices from the first song. It gets better and better as the gig progresses, culminating in an amazing reception at the end after ‘Kids’. Wicked! The only slight drag for me was that my in-ear system was making loud static noises throughout the first 4 numbers.. after trying numerous different packs, I just took them out in the end and played the whole gig with a wedge.. which is ok.. until I wander the stage.. then I lose all monitoring.. but the incredible vibe more than made up for that.
We all come off on a huge high, in great spirits, ready for a blast on the bus.
Get on the bus, and as usual the KW band (egged on by John Harrison, Tom and Wolfie) are on fine form.. Scarlett was our DJ for the night dropping some fine choons to add to the already bouyant atmosphere. Gets to about 4am ish and Scarlett sticks on.. now I cant remember exactly what track it was cuz I’m well pickled by now.. but it was something like ‘Pretty Vacant’ by the Sex Pistols.. (or something equally inappropriate) and Kim decides it’s the choon to start a conga to on the bus. Next thing, we have all of us.. 20 odd.. doing the conga.. bloody hysterical.. think we even woke up the 2nd driver with our cheers. Eventually everybody slowly sloped off.. leaving me and John Harrison at the end.. with me.. as usual.. talking drunken bollox, before we eventually sloped too! Was a great night indeed.
We get to Amsterdam and I awake at 3pm ish with the bus parked round the corner to our Hotel.
I get all my gear out and find my room which is amazing. One of the funkiest places you could find here.. it’s called the Vondel.. and is a boutique Hotel stunningly decked out. We all meet at the lobby, and Nick, Stevie P, Scarlett and I all hit the town to find an Irish pub that’s showing the football (mine and Stevie P’s team Man United, versus Aston Villa). We get there and the Guinness is flowing, the footy’s on.. and eventually after an amazing game.. we win 3-2. Me and Stevie P were on a huge high. We have a few more pints and by 10pm after hitting some other pool bars.. Scarlett and I leave the rest of them and retire to back to the Hotel for an earlyish night..
I awoke this morning 10am ish… and Scarlett, Sean and I go for breakfast after checking out.
We then go for a walkabout ’til 2pm ish and find our way to the venue.. where we are now waiting for sound check. Sean’s just come in and informed me that they are still having ‘static’ issues with my in-ears.. looks like another wedge then.. AAAGGGHHH!

Posted by Rick Wilde at 7:01 AM