Comeback: “Never say never”

The blonde singer with the remarkable voice is one of the most shimmering icons of pop. She holds the record for being the most successful female pop singer of all times for a long time. For the French she is the “Brigitte Bardot of Rock” and she’s still admired as the most exciting glamour girl of the Eighties by her German fans. Her megahits like “Kids in America” and “Cambodia” always lead to euphoria on the dancefloors.

Together with Nena she recorded the classic “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime” a few years ago and immediately landed a Europe-wide top hit. Now Kim Wilde returns to the pop scene with her tenth studio album “Never say never”, her first regular studio album in a little over ten years.

The wonderful thing about “Never say never” is the mixture of the welknown melodies  and a modern production. The voice of kim Wilde has matured and more full-bodied, without having lost any of its erotic timbre. The melodic strength that comes from a pop song like “Together we belong”, composed by Kim with her brother RIcky and with Fahrenkrog-Petersen, even improves on her hits from the Eighties and Nineties.