Family thing: a worldwise Kim Wilde in the Muffathalle

Pop as a family corporation: clearly, there is the Jackson Five or the Kelly Family. And also the Wildes? In actual fact the career of Kim cannot have existed without her brother Ricky. Most of her hits come from his pen, for which Kim also thanks him during the concert in the well filled Muffathalle. Because exactly the same as in the eighties and 90’s Ricky stands also in 2009 with his guitar beside his sister on the stage. And his time also his daughter Scarlett as backgroundsinger. The slide-projected coat of arms with the label “Family” shining across the stage is no coincidence.

Scarlett might be soon in the age, at which Kim Wilde started her triumphant career in 1981 with ‘Kids in America’. Wilde is 48 years old, the black clothes slightly too small and ‘Kids in America’ is the celebrated climax at the end of a programme that lasts for over 90 minutes. The concert is regarded best as a continuation of her comeback tour of one year ago. Because there is no new album, only one new song by Ricky. Instead ‘a lot of old songs’. Which means: from the time before Wilde withdrew herself from the pop business, to concentrate on her children and her gardening endeavours on television. She touches the subject briefly when she stated that growing potatoes and rock ‘n’ roll have a lot in common; and gives the tip that it’s now the best time to plant potatoes. Pop as practical advice for life.

After that there is some real rocking with ‘Chequered love’. Like more often on this evening the ballads ‘Love is holy’ and the wellknown good-mood-pop. The fact that the whole never really comes into nostalgic waters lies on the one hand to the well rehearsed band, but still more because of an obviously lighthearted, well presented Kim, who is at ease with her age and her image. Thus a family meeting of the quite pleasant variety.