Kim Wilde attracted a big audience on the Kneistival

Kneistival experienced one of its most busy nights on Monday. The support act was Lady Linn and the Magnificent Seven. She mostly played tracks from her cd ‘Here we go again’ with ‘I don’t wanna dance’ as the highpoint, a cover of Eddy Grant’s world hit from 1982.

The real masses came around 9pm. Cars were parked until the Zeebrugge bridges. The pit of the Heldenplein was totally filled up. Most of the people came of course for Kim Wilde. People were standing on the dike, left and right of the stage, to try and see something of the performance. Meanwhile the police had sealed off the square.

During the first two songs the press was allowed to make photographs of the Brigitte Bardot of rock in the safety zone in front of the stage. Wilde got the audience totally wild. Almost everyone sang along to the melodies of songs like ‘Cambodia’, ‘You came’, ‘Child come away’, ‘Love blind’ and the encore ‘Kids in America’.

Meanwhile, there was also proof that the location on the Heldenplein is too small for international artists. To let everyone enjoy the performance, video screens on the dike and next to the stage would be a solution.

Meanwhile organiser Jan Deroose is making plans for next year. Then there’s a jubilee festival during the 25th edition.